Christmas by Carlisle Bubble Lights are heirloom quality Christmas lights meant to last for generations. Our unique bubble lights reflect the beloved nostalgic design and are constructed of the finest materials ever used in a commercial application. This quality of bubble light is not commercially produced by any other source. 

The slender tubes of bubbling liquid mesmerize young and old. Rich colors of red, blue, green, amber, and purple are accompanied by favorites white and pink and won’t fade over time. Because the liquid boils at a very low temperature, the glass tubes are cool enough to touch. 

The light source is housed in a state of the art polycarbonate base that is cleverly shrink wrapped with historical scenes pertaining to Christmas. Children delight in viewing these little vignettes and reading the supporting text. 

The dark green electrical strings also come equipped with our patented clips to keep the lights upright on tree branches or wreaths. 

The string of nine bubble lights is proudly made in the USA, assembled and shipped out of Aiken, SC.

We have scoured the country to find the finest and most accurate sources for our materials. Is your city represented?
Aiken, SC
Broomfield, CO
Burbank, CA
Cincinnati, OH
Chicago, IL
Cleveland, OH
Denver, CO
Longmont, CO
Midland, MI
Vineland, NJ
York, PA

Christmas by Carlisle Bubble Lights are available in five different sets of nine bubble lights. Special orders are welcome.