Choose from our multicolored sets. Each set of 9 light bubblelight strings is a different color combination of our vibrant tubes with complimentary bases.  

All sets include a dark green 9 socket C6 series string equipped with our patented clips in a collector item box specially designed to store the bubble lights and the electrical string. 

Please note that color variation in the bases and tubes may occur due to the small batch manufacturing process.

Multicolored Sets-Set #2

SKU: 002
  • Set #2- 9 Multicolored Lights 

    Red tube with green and dark blue base, Purple tube with dark blue and red base, Gold tube with orange and green base, Blue tube with red and yellow base, Green tube with green and pink base, Red tube with red and dark blue base, Pink tube with pink and yellow base, Purple tube with red and dark blue base, Clear tube with dark blue and white base